Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Restoring an old newspapers Zora

One day my godfather brought me a bunch of this interesting weekly newspapers Zora (dawn in serbo-croatian language) printed in Zagreb, Croatia (then Kingdom of Yugoslavia) from 1930, (director: Eugen Demetrovic,editor: Joe Matosic). So amazing and satirical texts, funny commercials, world news in these times, affected slower work. Also in subtitle is "Nedeljna novina za grad i selo"/"Weekly newspaper for the town and village". They were most of in a poor condition, many pages were torn off, missing parts and weak,dry paper. Typical restoration treatment for this archivals is lamination with Japanese paper and polyethylene foil.  Rest was fun reading with colleagues ;-)

making lamination sandwiches & other restoration phases
"little boy catches the thief"
the second number of Zora
some old funny commercials