Saturday, 28 December 2013

The manual for Dirigibles and Arepolanes (published in Torino 1910)

This an interesting old book about Fiat motors and stuff for the first flying machines I'd  finished these days @ National Library of Serbia. Didn't took me to much time to heal. Covers are soft as is the binding, just a lot previous glue was in an acid paper. Some tired places on the cover was fixed by toned paper, and  manual one side lamination with tick Japanese paper (kozo shi 60+g/m2).

Here is result before and after, and it waiting a proper bookbinder soon, will post photos  ;-)

Monday, 28 October 2013

Cultural heritage photography&collections management program

I'm nice surprised that Phase One made these videos about using their equipment in documenting and digitizing cultural heritage, as well as it was online interactive conference Phase One Live last year.


and library collections in University of Manchester here.   

Also currently in progress is Collections Management Certification Program SERBIA 2013 – 2014 heading by Fion Zarubica at Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade - CIK where we gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in this broad field of preservation,conservation and managing of cultural heritage. Here we are in visit to Historical Museum of Serbia and Royal palace of Serbia.
Also Fionn had an interesting speech @ UK Parobrod "Why is art such a bore?"


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Culture of Serbs in Dubrovnik 1790-2010

  During the last year we have involved in the project culture of Serbs in Dubrovnik 1790-2010 by Archives Serbia and the Serbian Orthodox Church. During restoration & preparation of recived materials from Dubrovnik, we met with various archival documents of great importance to the cultural heritage of Serbia outside our borders.

more info:
Culture of Serbs in Dubrovnik 1790-2010 

Serbian Orthodox community in Budim, Hungary 1764. (before)
Serbian Orthodox community in Budim, Hungary 1764. (after)

manuscript from the mid 18th century, the monastery Tvrdoš (before)
manuscript from the mid 18th century, the monastery Tvrdoš (after)

Monday, 8 April 2013

Conservation and restoration of archive material and parchment

works for state exam in National Library of Serbia (conservation works,photography,design by Milica Nikolic)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

konzervacija grafike 1982./HR

 konzervacija grafike 1982./HR (pre intevencija)

 konzervacija grafike 1982./HR (posle intevencija)