Friday, 15 May 2020

Preventive conservation of photography collection The Museum of Applied Art

Since 2018, I'm involved on a project preventive conservation and condition reporting of the photography collection of  The Museum of Applied arts in Belgrade with head collection curator Jelena Perać. It was my gratitude to work on photographs by Milan Jovanović and surrealist photographs, as well as a collection of designs for utility objects drawn by Anastas Jovanović, one of the pioneers of Serbian applied arts and design, ne znam sta je ovo posle zareza stand out as artistically significant units. 
The collection keeps photo albums and photographic equipment, book illustration equipment, graphics, miniature portraits, drawings and icons. 
These documentary photos from my house lab are made my dear friend Aleksandar Carević little before lockdowns in Serbia due the COVID-19 pandemic. 
More photos of processes and texts will follow soon. 

documenting condition before treatments

Anastas Jovanović

Queen Natalia by Nikola Štokman

removing old wax stamps

for any questions please write micikitis(at) 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Preventive care of a collection of postcards

The big challenge of the past year, still ongoing, is dealing with big collections of  old postcards, from the Belgrade city museum. These are  archival materials of the museums's collections from Urban Planning and Architecture of city of Belgrade, numbering around 3.5k of postcards of various  techniques such as: photographs, printing, overlapping thumbnails, reprints witch are mostly in a good shape. They represent a rich history of the city. The hold little treasures and memories of past times. My colleague and I have more conserving and restoring to do, a meer 700 each so far.

digitization day/night

little treasures

cleaning, washing, disinfection, removing ink stains and dirt

manual restoration with Japanese paper 

fixed postcards

And here are some before and after shots, 
no digital editing,only for the matching of pairs together in one PS file. Enjoy ;-)

will continue soon 
All right reserved © Milica Nikolic Micikitis

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Restoring an old newspapers Zora

One day my godfather brought me a bunch of this interesting weekly newspapers Zora (dawn in serbo-croatian language) printed in Zagreb, Croatia (then Kingdom of Yugoslavia) from 1930, (director: Eugen Demetrovic,editor: Joe Matosic). So amazing and satirical texts, funny commercials, world news in these times, affected slower work. Also in subtitle is "Nedeljna novina za grad i selo"/"Weekly newspaper for the town and village". They were most of in a poor condition, many pages were torn off, missing parts and weak,dry paper. Typical restoration treatment for this archivals is lamination with Japanese paper and polyethylene foil.  Rest was fun reading with colleagues ;-)

making lamination sandwiches & other restoration phases
"little boy catches the thief"
the second number of Zora
some old funny commercials

Monday, 6 January 2014

Letter Diary (illustrated by texts in the book "Signs along the road" Ivo Andric)

Some old faculty work I made in 2008. Was inspired with  "Signs along the road" book of Serbian Nobelist Ivo Andric
So I made this illustrated and lettering book for some assignment. take your time & patience for each letter ;-) 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The manual for Dirigibles and Arepolanes (published in Torino 1910)

This an interesting old book about Fiat motors and stuff for the first flying machines I'd  finished these days @ National Library of Serbia. Didn't took me to much time to heal. Covers are soft as is the binding, just a lot previous glue was in an acid paper. Some tired places on the cover was fixed by toned paper, and  manual one side lamination with tick Japanese paper (kozo shi 60+g/m2).

Here is result before and after, and it waiting a proper bookbinder soon, will post photos  ;-)